FACTORY SECOND - Cabbage Shredders

Have you been eyeing one of our Wood Cabbage Shredders, but aren't ready to pay full price?  Are you okay with a few flaws, as long as the item functions?  If you answered yes to both of these questions, then these are the products for you!

These Factory Second Cabbage Shredders are working, however they may function differently than our first quality items.  Typical damage for these items may include bent, scratched or uneven blades which can result in uneven shred widths.  On some shredders, a blade could be bent to the point that only 2 of the 3 blades is functioning.  Other issues could include notches, chips or knots in the wood, and/or areas needing to be sanded. Each item has unique defects, so while we assure you they are usable, they aren't uniformly finished.

We do not purchase Factory Second items, these products are found during our normal packing process.  In order to offer these items at such low prices, we do not provide details about specific flaws in the unique item you are purchasing.  In addition, we do not send in stock emails for Factory Second items.

To learn more about each product, visit it's individual product page below -

    Cabbage Shredder, Small

    Cabbage Shredder, Medium

    Cabbage Shredder, Large

    In general, these details and sizing are the same as our current offerings, however some shredders may be previous model that is no longer sold.

    If this sounds like the deal you've been looking for, order one today!

           Dimensions:   See product details for each items dimensions

            Material:    See product details

            Country of Origin:    Poland

    FACTORY SECOND products are not eligible for returns or exchanges.  All sales of Factory Second items are final.



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